Using a dll in VB6



I have created a dll to connect to a serial device.

I have to use vb6 to create a plugin for an application so I made the
com visisible etc. and referenced it within the vb6 project.

Everying is ok and i can see the method,proprties and events no problem.

The issue I have is that when the event fires the vb6 ide crashes. I stepped
through the code within vb6 and the the pointer goes to the corect event sub
, however when it gets to the end sub part the IDE falls over.

I have used the dll within a application and it works fine.

Any insights would be appreciated :)


Cor Ligthert said:

Your question is often asked in this newsgroup.

I did a Google search for you, can you have a look at the answers yourself?

I hope this helps,


I had been through google several times.

However I started doubting the dll and had a relook at the code.

Looks like I am a idiot! I found an uncaught exception which looked like
caused VB6 IDE to fall over.

Fixed the problem and everything is OK.

Apologies for wasting peoples time on this.


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