Problems with com dll



I have created a com dll with I am having trouble getting it to
work on some of the development machines. It always works in the complied
project but on some of the development machines it cannot be created. The
dll project is a class library. The project it is being consumed in
is a vb6 exe and a vb6 activex dll group. I think the problem may have
something to do with threading but I don't know where to even start to look.
I have tried loading the .net project onto one of the problem machines and
compiling it. It still doen't work in the IDE but will work in the compiled
Can anyone point me in a helpful direction ?


Michel Posseth [MCP]

Can anyone point me in a helpful direction ?

1. is the class registred with regasm.exe on the target machine ( or with a
installer based system with the assembly marked as a com component )
2. does you com creatable class have a public sub new ??? as this is
required for a com component to start in legacy modus
3. my advice is to provide your own interface id`s

see this example i once wrote for this group

does this work ??



I have tried two methods of registering the class on the problem machine. I
first used the installer. Then I loaded the project and compiled the class
on that machine. The class works in a compiled exe, it only wont work in
the IDE.
The class does have a public sub New.
I created new ID's with the guid program for the class.


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