prob w/ tsadmin remotely


Scott Loban

I use a Win2K server via RDP/Terminal Services. I connect
to the server via a VPN, but my WinXP PC is not in the

I recently began receiving the "terminal server has
exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections"
error. Some users may have been disconnecting without
logging out.

I ran tsadmin.exe remotely using the steps described in
Q250991, loading the remote C$ share using local (to the
server) administrative credentials (not domain admin

However, when tsadmin loads, it only shows my local PC as
a server - not the server upon which I ran tsadmin. "Find
all servers in all domains" doesn't seem to do anything
(which is probably good, because that would likely take
days in this environment)! :)

Any ideas as to what's wrong? I don't have access to the
server console, it's across the country. I don't have a
domain admin account to use. I could schedule a reboot,
if all else fails.

Vera Noest [MVP]

So your TS is in Remote Admin mode, correct?
A reboot will certainly kill those disconnected sessions that are
shutting you out at the moment, but you could try to kill them
remotely with the tools described here:

243202- Windows 2000 Terminal Services Session Management Tools

To avoid this problem in the future, make sure that you configure
a time-out on disconnected and idle sessions, and reset them when
the time-out period is exceeded.

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