printing with Remote Desktop client and USB printers with Windows 2000 Server



I have a Windows 2000 Server.

Only one user works with Remote Desktop Client. His computer is a Windows
2000 Professional and he installed MSRDCLI.exe (remote desktop client)
instead of the old Terminal Server Client.

I thought that with MSRDCLI.exe he would be able to work with his USB
printer, but he isn't although it is marked Printers on Options of the
MSRDCLI to install automatically all local printers of the computer.

Do you know any about this? We want to print from the remote desktop in the
local USB printer


Often times the printer will not show up in the list of printers because the
server cannot find the correct drivers.

I have had many occasions where I have had to physically install the remote
printer on the server before it'll work in the remote location. I had one
customer who drove from Sacramento to Burbank with her printer so i could
install it on the server. Thankfully it worked when she got it home...

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