printing to PDF in Excel = weirdness



I have a 58-worksheet workbook that I want to print to PDF in its
entirety as one document. Each worksheet is sized to fit on its own
"page" in the PDF.

For some reason, when I print to PDF, it gets broken into three
segments: the first is 34, the second is 5, and the last is 19 pages.

What is in Excel that is causing this? I have other similarly sized
workbooks that print to PDF as one PDF document so I highly doubt it's
Adobe Acrobat's fault.

Thanks -

Brian Mc



Barb Reinhardt

I've seen something like this with Word documents when they are converted to
PDF. They split into separate PDF docs at each page break. I wonder if
it's related.




Dear Brian,

You have to check your Page setup in excel all the sheet has to be of the
same Paper size & Print Quality - the DPI , I hope these will work , You just
check the print setup of the last page of first set & the first page of
second set

Hope the above suggustion solve your problem

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