printing multiple worksheets in a workbook



I have 13 worksheets in my workbook (Excel 2007). They are all formatted to
have page numbers thus "Page x of y". However, when I select all worksheets
and try to print them, the printer window reflects 6 documents waiting in the
queue. On printing the document even with the collate box checked, the output
is not sequential according to the page numbers from either back to front or
front to back. This is even more frustrating when printing to pdf (Cute PDF
Writer) as the print to pdf creates 6 different files instead of printing all
to one pdf file.

I need help!!!!




this will fix the pdf issue, not sure about the other:

1. In Excel, hold down the Ctrl key, and select all of the sheets in the
Excel workbook.
2. Choose File > Page Setup > Page > Print Quality, and select 600dpi. It
it already says 600dpi, click into the field and select it again.

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