printing plain text mail



if an incoming plain text mail is formatted to letter size paper by the
originator, is it possible to convert
to A4 when printing from outlook (automatically). I print using "memo style",
and memo style is set to A4, but it takes on the originators paper size not
the default setting in memo style.

it appears that whatever the the paper size of the incoming plain text mail
is, all other plain text mails
in my mailbox take on that paper size as default. HTML mails always print
A4 even if the originator
set the paper size as letter.

Is there a setting in the Exchange server to convert all plain text mails to

Is this function only controlled at the client end?

Can you help?



Roady [MVP]

At what point do you think it is converted to Plain Text and what indicates
Mails don't carry over paper size settings as they are not based on it in
the first place.

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