Printing from a Dos program


Ken North

I have a new notebook with Vista Home Premium SP1 that is being used with a
wireless network (only the one notebook computer) with a 3 year old HP USB
inkjet printer plugged in directly. All printing works normally(except from
the dos program) with print icon coming on in the taskbar when printing. My
old desktop computer with XP could print form the dos program. With the XP
all I had to do was before I wanted to print I went into the control panel
for printer - then to properties then ports and changed it from USB to LPT1
then hit the print command on the dos program screen then the print icon
would appear in the taskbar. I would double click on the icon which would
bring up the print queue the click on file-properties and change the port
back to USB and it would print. With Vista I do not see the print icon when
I hit the print command on the dos program and nothing happens. Anyone have
any idea how to fix this. I only print a 50 page report every week. This is
financial software that we will be replacing next year but for this calendar
year I would like to make it work.

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