printing booklet Outlook 2007


SG Clink

I have been attempting to print a small booklet (file--page setup--small
booklet style--paper--orientation=landscape) of a contact list, i.e., eight
contact pages per side, to be cut, folded, and stapled in the middle. My
printer supports duplex printing, but when it prints, it wants to flip the
reverse pages. This is usually the preferred way if the pages were actually
"landscape", but the page is really "portrait" with the entries being
"landscape", so the reverse side should not be flipped. If I try to disable
the duplex feature and manually reload the pages, the printer prints the
contact pages numerically on the first side, not recognizing the job as a
booklet. Is this a bug in Outlook, or is there something I am overlooking?
SG Clink

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