A5 booklet in Word 2007




I created a 25 page document in word with A4 page settings. I then
somehow printed the whole thing in an A5 booklet which folded up
exactly so that it printed in Duplex with the pages in the correct
order. eg. the first page printed in landscape had....
[blank--content page], on the reverse side it had [Page 1 -- Blank],
on the second page it printed
[Page 25 -- Page 2], on the reverse side it printed [Page 3 -- Page
on the third page it printed
[Page 23 -- Page 4] on the reverse side it printed [Page 5 -- Page
on the fouth page it printed
[Page 21 -- Page 6] on the reverse side it printed [Page 7 -- Page
on the fifth page it printed
[Page 19 -- Page 8] on the reverse side it printed [Page 9 -- Page

and so on, page 7 was the only page where it had following pages 13
and 14 together.

So, I go to print this again,,,,,,,,,noooooooo dosn't do it this
time. can anyone out there let me know what settings (in simple
steps) I have to do to achieve the above again.

The printer is a shared photocopier/network printer




Suzanne S. Barnhill

A document set up as "Book fold" (under "Multiple pages" on the Margins tab
of Page Setup) would print as you describe, but your pages would be A5 to
begin with. Given that your pages were apparently reduced as well, it's
possible you used an add in such as ClickBook or FinePrint, or perhaps your
printer has a booklet-printing feature.

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

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