Printer Instances on Printer Folder at Server


Chew Phei Ling

We have 3 units servers at out HQ, both of 3 servers are running Terminal
Service Server and all branches are logging these server to access the
applications and printing reports.

The questions here, when the client have finished using the terminal
service, the printer icon for the client should be terminated once they log
off BUT we found out that most of branches log off 5 hours ago, their
printer instances are still inside the printer folder. We need to clear it
one by one.

May I know how to clear the printer instances inside the printer folder
instead of manually clear one by one OR restart the printer spooler services

Besides that, we also need to know the reason the printer instances are
still there when the client already log off the session.
May I know how to schedule the print spooler services automatically
restarted twice a week ?

Besides the printers folder hold the printer instances, the computer
management (at session area) also hold the client session althought the
client have log off more than 10 hours ago ?

Pls advise.





You should change under Active Directory Users and Groups go to the users you
want to change and go to the Sessions tab and change the "End a disconnected
session" from never to 1 minute. This will disconnect anyone left out in
session area that are no longer logged on. I am not sure if this will fix the
printer issue or not.


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