Print Spooler Stopped



Dedicated Print Server: Windows 2000 Server, SP4, PIII 850Mhz, 1GB RAM.
113 printers. HP LaserJets and Xerox Phasers only.

The Spooler crashed today. No explanation as to why in the event log.
Only the following event:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Service Control Manager
Event Category: None
Event ID: 7031
Date: 8/10/2005
Time: 3:12:09 PM
User: N/A
The Print Spooler service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 1
time(s). The following corrective action will be taken in 0
milliseconds: No action.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

I set the Spooler service to restart upon failure in the Recovery tab,
but I'd like to know why this happened. Two days ago I added a Xerox
Phaser 5500. During the installation of the queue (which I performed
from my desktop via NetBIOS browsing) it hung and I had to reboot the
server. It's a known problem I've had before with that driver when I
go to add it for the first time on a print server that I forgot about.
Could it be a related incident? I also found a service entitled "Pml
Driver HPZ12" set to manual and not running. I'm not sure how that got
there either or what it is. Any help you can provide would be greatly
appreciated. This is supposed to be my high-reliability print server
as it has only version 3 PostScript and UNIDRV-based drivers and
utilizes Standard TCP/IP ports only.

Thanks Much,



Bruce Sanderson

I'm not familiar with Xerox printers and their drivers, but the usual reason
for Print Spooler crashing is a "defective" printer driver, so it is quite
possible the newly installed printer driver created the problem.

From what I can see, HPZ12 is HP's "Print Management Language service". See
for example


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