Print Spooler Errors with Vista SP1



Ever since installing SP1 for Vista Business I have been getting Print
Spooler errors, and the documents fail to print. This happens randomly,
sometimes after the first page, sometimes after the 20th page... All I know
is it never happened before and now it happens all the time.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver, to no avail.

Event ID: 6161
The document 1 ..... ....pdf, owned by USERNAME1, failed to print on printer
Canon Inkjet PIXMA iP4000. Try to print the document again, or restart the
print spooler.
Data type: NT EMF 1.008. Size of the spool file in bytes: 127225188. Number
of bytes printed: 36330088. Total number of pages in the document: 206.
Number of pages printed: 1. Client computer: \\COMPUTER1 Win32 error code
returned by the print processor: 0. The operation completed successfully.

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