Print services for UNIX


Erik Scholtes


Recently purchased a Gateway computer with office XP installed - can't find
the install diskette that should have come with the box.

Need to install the Print Services for UNIX to set up an LPR port for
printing - this requires the diskette...

Is there a site or resource I can do a download from so that I can point the
'Add Windows Components' to a file on my desktop instead of the missing CD?
It makes sense to me anyway...

Thanks for your help!

Erik Scholtes

Vizwerks, Inc.
(e-mail address removed)



Bruce Sanderson

You don't need Print Services for UNIX to create an LPR port and send print
from your computer to a printer. Create a new Standard TCP/IP port when
creating the printer and configure it for LPR.

You only need Print Services for UNIX to allow other computers to send print
to your computer using the LPR/LPD protocol.

You don't need a diskette to install Print Services for UNIX, its on the
Windows XP CD. If Gateway didn't provide it, complain to Gateway. If there
is an I386 folder on your computer, you may find the required files are

You install Print Services for UNIX using Control Panel, Add or Remove
Programs, Add/Remove Windows Components.

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