Print reports automatically



How do I print a report on the 1st monday and third wednesday of each month?
I need to print out updates on the begining and mid of each month. :) Thanx
in advance...

Rick B

There is no auto-print functionality.

You could build code to do this and tie it to a form that opens with the
database. Then, if you opened the fiel on the specified dates, it would

This is part of your program, not an aspect of Microsoft Access. You will
have to make this happen in your program via macros or code.

If it were me, I'd place a reminder to run the reports in my Outlook
Calendar and run them when needed.

Rick B


Rick is right from what I've found. The only ways I have
made this happen were to either:

1 - Build a table in Access with the dates you want to
print, then have an autoexec macro check current date
against the table and if a match is found, print the
2 - Build a macro that checks the current date and if it
is a Wed and the 1st or 3rd, print the report.
3 - Build a command line arguement that runs access and
launches a specific macro (one that prints your reports as
needed) into a .bat file and have that .bat file launch
via the scheduler in Windows on the dates you require.
This one is tricky as you need to get the syntax right for
the command line, but you can find plenty of sytax help
via the net and Microsoft (think command line switches to
run specific macros). Keep in mind this will only work on
unescured databases, so if your DB is secure, build a new
front end that doesn't require a password and put it on a
secure PC and have that machine do all the running for you.

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