Need Help Urgently - Deadline is Monday



I have a big problem.

I currently have a database when the user enters the date range to run
the report it places each day within that date range on a seperate
sheet of paper.

My problem is: My new employer wants the information for the whole
week on one sheet. They want the column headings down the left side.
Accross the top they want Monday - Saturday accross the top with the
last column being a total column.

To use their words they would like for it to look like an excel
spreadsheet. Example of what they want is below.

Can this be done? The only thing I can think of is to print the
reports and actually key the information into a seperate excel
spreadsheet. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I was told about
this today and they want the finished product on Monday.

They would also like to have a monthly report using the same layout
except for using the days of the week they want it to use the date
range for the week. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


Total Trucks 15
25 20 10
5 75

Dale Fye


What you need is a crosstab query. I assume that each row of the report
will be for a separate week? or is each row supposed to contain what used
to be the column headings for each day?

In your query, you will probably have to create a calculated field to
indicate which week of the month the date falls, and another to indicate
which day (use the format function to format the date as a day "dddd").
Then when you make the query a crosstab, you will need to include the week
as a RowHeader and the day of the week as a column header. For more
detailed help, you will need to post the SQL of your current query.


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