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Wackman in Toronto

I'm using Word 2003 on Win XP Pro. When using Word and I click on Print
Preview I get a completely different screen than I used to. Maybe I
inadvertantly changed something, but I used to get a page that would allow
for margin settings, landscape/potrait, next page, previous page ... Now I
have a print preview page that only has what looks like another menu toolbar
at the top, called "print preview". I have to choose "print" and then go into
properties to change something like portrait to landscape. Can anyone help?

Peter T. Daniels

Did you choose Print Preview instead of Print View? I suppose you
usually work in Normal View, which doesn't show you the formatting of
your pages as you type and edit. Print View has all the same functions
as Normal View (plus formatting -- it can slow down a little if you
have a really big or complex document), but Print Preview is mostly
for being sure that everything really does look just the way you want
it to.

Stefan Blom

In order to change margins (and related settings), you should click File |
Page Setup. Print Preview has a different purpose.

Suzanne S. Barnhill

As Peter suggests, maybe it is Print Layout view that you're looking for? Or
File | Page Setup?

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

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