Print Migrator 3.1


Mark Clark


We are interested in migrating our existing Windows 2000
print server printers from a physical machine to a
virtual machine and possibly upgrading to Windows 2003 at
the same time.
I have downloaded Print Migrator 3.1, but I am having
trouble finding specific information on How To Use.
I want this change to be transparent to the users, so I
am hoping to migrate from one server to another as the
same print server name, IP in order to keep mappings from
users, during our maintenance window of course. Will the
Print Migrator be suitable for this operation or will I
need to move them all manually?
I would also like to find specific informaion on using
fixprnsv.exe to verify ddrivers on each before moving.
We have 50 printer on our print server.

Thank you for your assistance.

Mark Clark



Alan Morris\(MSFT\)

here's the help
Overview of Fixprnsv.exe;en-us;247196

When migrating all the printers from one server to another, in order for the
clients to connect to the new server name you need to bring the old server
down, then rename the new server with the same printers to the old server
name. DNS replication will take up to 20 minutes depending on you network
structure but the client will all reconnect.

The drivers on the clients will all get whatever drivers are installed on
the new system since the server and client will resync drivers when the new
server is brought online.

A note on clustered servers. When I have replaced the old server name with
a virtual server name, I have to manually delete the machine account since
the cluster service (Server 2003) does not have the ability to nuke the old
machine account. I do not remember if I have to manually remove the machine
account on a Win2k cluster.

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base here:;[ln];kbhowto

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