Print Q Migration Tool/Script



I'm in need of Print Queue Migration Tool which would
allow me to select the desired print Qs from Windows 2000
server to migrate to the Target Server running Windows
2003 EE. Please do let me know which tool/script is
useful in this case? Many thanks in advance.

Note: Print Migrator 3.1 will migrate all the print
queues from one print server to another. In this
scenariao I need to migrate selected print Qs to the
target server.




Printmigrator works well. Why not migrate all queues to the new server and
delete the queues you dont need.



Thanks Nik. Print Migrator works well. But the problem is
i've 1400 Print Queues shared by two print servers which
has to be distributed across 4 print servers which are on
clusters. The compoany policy says that its has to be
distributed depending on the print drivers. For instance
print queues of one type of print drivers goes to one
print server and so on..

As you said, if there are 150 print Qs to be migrated,
i've to migrate 1200 print Qs and delete 1050 print

And also please let me know is there any tool/script to
re-verify between two print queues?

Thank you





I'm not familiar with any product other than print migrator and a couple of
*.bat files based on printui.dll to script deletion of selected queues.
check the poosiblities here
start|run "RUNDLL32 PRINTUI.DLL,PrintUIEntry /?"
start|run "rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /Xs /n "printer" ?"

By the way, in w2k3 you can bulk select and delete a large number of queues
with one click, very easy.

I moved 2800 queues from from 8 to 6 servers during a hard- and OS upgrade
to w2k3 with the means mentioned above quite easy with a little bit of

Tjek the app Exporter (freeware) from to extract info about the


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