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Hi all,

Something weird happened to my print layout. I was viewing a very large
document in print layout, zoom at 75%. Then I changed it to zoom of 25% to
get a better overview. While scrolling this way through my document, some
pages suddenly looked corrupt. I figured out that none of the pages were
corrupt, but that print layout was not showing me the whole page anymore.
Each page in print layout shows only the text that sits under the header and
is above the footer. So no headers, no footers and not the even the rest of
the page, if the page was only halffull. So e.g. it shows only one line on a
very small page with no trailing blanks if there is only one line on that
page. When I close the document and open again, nothing has changed. The
document, all text, pictures, formatting, etc, all seems to be ok, only the
way print layout shows it on the screen seems to be affected. How can I get
my full pages back on the screen again?
(by the way, when I do print preview, everything looks perfect and therefore
I am pretty sure that it is not my text, but print layout)





Go to Tools > Options and tick the 'White space between pages' checkbox.

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