Print a report without displaying print preview




Please can someone tell me in a really basic way how can I print a report
WITHOUT it also previewing. I'm using 2007

I have several forms which have a print button ( created with the command
button wizard, report operations, print report, then relevant report is
chosen to print). This works great, and prints the relevant report for the
the associated record, however when you click the print button it also
displays the print preview and doesn't close it again. This means that until
the preview is closed the same thing keeps printing when the button is

I'm pretty new to all this, but I've managed to looked in the button's
properties, and it's created a macro - runcommand, print. When you click on
that line there is a description called view from which you can choose either
print, design, preview, layout etc, I've tried changing it to all of the
other options, but the only one that makes the report work is preview.

Many thanks for your help

p.s. I did post this query previously, but it's disappeared

Al Campagna

A macro with...
Report Name = rptYourReportName
View = Print
Filter Name = Leave Blank
Where Condition = Leave Blank
should cause a report to print immediately, without any Preview.
I never use macros, but I think if you've set it up like above, then
you might have some other problem.
I tested the above in 2003 and 2007.
Al Campagna
Microsoft Access MVP 2006-2009

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