Form, instead of Report, Prints ???


ND Pard

Version: Access 2007

I have a report that has a 'Default View' of 'Print Preview'.

The 'Allow Report View' and 'Allow Layout View' properties are set to 'No'.

When preview the report, if I click the 'Print' icon on the 'Print Preview'
ribbon, the form 'frm_Main_Menu' prints, like a screen print? The report
does NOT print ???
(In an attempt to stop this, in the reports "On Open" event, I close the
form "frm_Main_Menu" ... to no avail.)

However, if I right-click on the report, and click the 'Print' option, then
the Report WILL print!!!

Any ideas as to why the form, instead of the report, is printing when I
click the 'Print' icon on the 'Print Preview' ribbon?


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