Print Preview issue


TJ Dowling

I have developed a report that my client cannot preview but can print on his
machine (HP). On my machine (Acer), I can both preview and print the same
report. Other users in his office can both preview and print this report on
their HP machines.

Any tips on what I should look at to fix this problem?



What happens when the user tries to preview the report? Are there any error
messages? If so, what are they? Can the user preview any other reports?
Have you checked VBA References to see if there are any differences between
the user who can't preview and those who can?

TJ Dowling

He cannot preview the other reports either but gets no error messages. The
report just does not preview. I've tasked him with running this report on
another machine to see the results for himself and report back to me. It may
take him a few days to do that.

These reports have worked for years so I'm a llittle puzzled as to why they
don't now. I changed a few queries that feed the report but that was all.

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