'primary' filegroup is full



Cannot find answer to this question:

'mssmallbusiness' because the 'primary' filegroup is full. create disk

space by deleting unneeded files, dropping objects in the filegoup, adding

additional files to the filegroup, or setting autogrowth on for existing

files in the filegoup.

Error dependably appears when even a single record is selected in Business
Contact Manager

then pressing delete.

Database is over 3 gb. Was able to delete some history earlier. But
database would not shrink even using Studio Express. Cannot delete any now.
Get the error above.
Am in the process of exporting and creating a new database to import to.

I am using Outlook 2007 with BCM and have 30 users.

Is there any other fix?

Raul Thomas

The message is normally thrown up when the database hits the maximum size
limit .

You can try exporting and importing the file into a new database and hope it
would do the trick , else you'll need to try exporting the data ,excluding
the items in the history.

If you still have access to the old e-mails , you should be able to use the
e-mail auto linking feature to re-associate them with the account or
business contact .


Rahul Thomas


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