Preview what Excel 2007 will look like in older versions



Hi all,

Just wondering, when save xlsx files as xls files, I've gotten the
Conditional Formatting Compatibility message like many others. Anyone
know if there is a way to preview the spreadsheet the way it will
actually appear on a version of say excel 2003? For example I made a
column chart with 3-D formatting, saved it as an xls file, and opened
it on another machine that had the old version of excel and it just
changed the 3-D bars, to shaded 2-D ones. Any way to preview without
moving to another machine? I've checked a bunch of online sources and
couldn't find anything saying yes or no. Thanks for any ideas.



You could run both 2003 and 2007 on one machine. I run 5 versions of Excel
on mine. The key is to install the earlier version first and not to
overwrite or remove previous versions when installing the later version. You
should not accept the default folders for the later versions you should
specify the different folder.

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