Preparation for end-of-support for Windows 2000



Dear all,

From Microsoft website, I know the Support for Windows 2000 ends on July 13,
2010. After the end-of-support, can I still download the old security patches.

Although we have plan for server upgrade, but it is certainly can't be done
soon after the end-of-support.

I have download SP4 and Security Patch rollup1. I find ie6setup required
connect to
Microsoft update site to get the required component. If I can't get update
after the end-of-support. I will be in great trouble in case I need to
reinstall the Windows 2000 Server.

May I know what should be prepared for the end-of-support in case we still
have to keep running windows 2000 after the end-of-support day.


Meinolf Weber [MVP-DS]

Hello TC,

Create a sysprepped image with the latest updates/patches, so you still have
an option.

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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Dave Patrick

I'd guess they would still be available for some time as NT4 updates were
but probably no guarantees.



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I'd guess they would still be available for some time as NT4
updates were but probably no guarantees.

OK, but will the easy update process using "windows update" (or is it
"microsoft update") still work after end of support ? Otherwise, how do
I download and archive the updates (post SP4) for my system (Windows
2000 Pro, here) ? Someone mentions sysprep but that is not appropriate
for home users, right ?



I'd get these ones now.

That would be the SP4 itself, right ? If so, I have it streamlined
already to a CD.
Rollup 1 for Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 familyid=B54730CF-8850-4531-B52B-BF28B324C662&displaylang=en

Thank you Dave! Now I want to get the updates in a language other
than Engl. Are you aware of a sure way to navigate to or otherwise
find the download URLs for foreign language updates ? I mean, one
that should work even in cases when MS will have pulled off the
relevant security bulletins.

Space Cowboy

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Will Renkel

assuming I did download an update/fix
what do I need to do to install it?
Just click on it (execute the file)?


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