Premature waking from hibernate



It was recommended that I hibernate rather than shut down my laptop at night,
however it keeps waking itself up. I have windows vista on a hp pavillion
laptop. I don't believe that any of the USB devices are the cause and the
internet cable is removed every night. I have also looked through task
schedular and found a couple of potential culprits but none of them have the
box 'allow to wake computer' (or something along those lines) ticked so I
can't seem to stop them. Is there a simple solution to this? Each time it
wakes itself up, it is another couple of hours before it will hibernate
again. I don't want to alter the settings to make it hibernate quicker
because I don't want it to be hibernating after a short time during the day.
Any ideas? Thanks.





KA Kueh


I have the same problem as yours and after much troubleshooting I was able
to track done the setting that is causing the machine to wake up from sleep
mode on a regular basis.

Try do the following, Open the "Network and Sharing Center" click on
"View Status" of your current network. Select "Properties" then select
"Configure" Go to the Tab called "Power Management" On the "Wake on LAN"
unselect the "Wake on Directed Packet".


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