Screen freeze on wake up out of hibernation



I have a HP Pavillion with Vista. When computer is in hibernation and I wake
it up, it goes to the logon screen and freezes. I currently have hibernation
turned off. Any suggestions? Thanks


I have the same problem, bought computer package on Nov. 3, 2007. It's a HP
Pavillion m9040n. But I have
hibernation turned on. Also had trouble with HP Photosmart Essentials
working right. Have asked for help with HP support for several weeks now.
They have suggested all the usual stuff. The last email they wanted me to do
a system recovery. I told them I had just paid BB to do that for me. The
last correspondence I got from them was they were going to send me a new
mouse and receiver. I don't think that will solve the problem but time will
tell. Aren't computers great when they work right, and a piece of crap when
they don't? Good luck!


Same problem here! This also happens once I log out. When I come back I've
got to reboot. This happens 85% of the time.

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