pptp via internet connection sharing




I have a couple of xp machines and a few others. I mainly use 1 to
access things. I share the Internet connection on this computer with
ICS. I can setup and use pptp connections on this computer and they
work fine. However, if I go to another xp computer and try a similar
pptp connection, I can see the connection being made, verifying
username and password, and that is as far as it goes. It just seems
to hang there.

The same computer that has the problems works just fine if I start and
use Cisco vpn software on it. I have an old (but reliable) Win98SE
computer which also relies on the ICS on which I setup PPTP connectins
and these work just fine. I also have a couple of computers which
run Linux and both can establish SSH connections via the computer
running ICS. I mention all this because I believe the ics computer
is not the cause of my problem.

You may also ask about firewalls. Neither xp computer has any
firewall turned on.

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