ppt 03 audio volume question



I have various sound clips (wav) embedded in a presentation. I am trying
to use the volume adjust slider for individual clips to vary the volume,
but sometimes it doesn't seem to "stick" in that I set a clip to be a
level, then during run through it is louder than it should be. Do the
audio volume controls work individually for each wav or not?


Rick Altman

Randy, I don't think those silly volume controls work at all. I don't trust
them for anything other than varying the volume while I am testing out the
clip by playing it during the editing of a slide deck. Do all of your volume
adjustments in your audio editor prior to import.

Version 2010 addresses this with much more intelligence, with true volume
and fade in/out ability.

Rick Altman
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October 17-20 | San Diego

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