PPS Attachments Won't Open



I'm running Windows XP c/w SP3 and Powerpoint 2003.
If I insert a .WMF or .AVI movie into a Powerpoint slide:-
Save the resulting file as ****.pps:-
Email the ****.pps file as an attachment, using Outlook Express:-
Non of the Email's recipients can open the file in Powerpoint or Viewer.
What they see is a white screen containing a black rectangle.
Clicking on the black rectangle causes the file to close.
What vital step have I not completed before Emailing the attachment?

Thanks for your help.



John Wilson

Hi Richard

ALL video in PowerPoint is linked to a file on YOUR hard drive. This is why
it doesnt't work on recipient's PC.

Start with the video in the same folder as the presentation, insert it again
and then email both the presentation and the video file. You might also want
to have a look at PFCExpress which is free and will automate this.

john ATSIGN PPTAlchemy.co.uk

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