powerpoint to tv problem




I am trying to connect a laptop to a TV to show a Powerpoint
presentation. I have connected the laptop to the TV with an S-video
cord, and changed the settings so the TV is attached as a 2nd monitor.
The TV works as the 2nd monitor, and I can drag the powerpoint window
to the TV screen, and that is all working fine. HOWEVER, when I try to
start the slideshow, it shows up on the LAPTOP instead of the TV, which
is not where I want it to be.

Any help???



Burn your PowerPoint file to a DVD use some third party tools adn play
it on TV

How to do it----
Tools:1. PPT2DVD free trial from
2. a dvd burner

1. install PPT2DVD on your computer
2. lanch PPT2DVD
3. import your PowerPoint presentation in PPT2DVD
4. select the needed configurations for your presentation

NOTE: pay attention to these features because they affect the final
playing results:
---norm: NTSC PAL
---video aspect: 1:1 4:3 16:9
5. convert your presentation to a video file
6. burn the converted presentation file to a dvd with a dvd burner.

Some important things, make sure the dvd and the dvd player are

About the animation and music
This program supports the conversion of most transitions, text
animations, graphics animations in PowerPoint Music can also be well
preserved in sync with the slides.
For better conversion results, it is recommended to add the music after
conversion with the" add background music " fearure in the program.

Note that ,if your PowerPoint file is too complex,pls choose 'Record
volume' in the advance setting,and do not make other noise sound when
converting,for it would record all your music and sounds playing.

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