Power Schemes Disappeared. How can I get them back?



I was attempting to customize the power schemes of my WindowsXP notebook. I
successfully added one. I then deleted the schemes that came with the
notebook. When there were 2 left (mine and the last factory scheme), I
attempted to delete the last factory scheme, but it didn't disappear from the
list. Not really having paid attention to my actions, I thought I might have
clicked on the wrong button. So I attemted to delete it again. It still
didn't disappear. I gave up and decided to deal with the problem later. I
shut down my computer. Some days later, I returned to the power schemes
window and all the textboxes and comboboxes were dimmed. Empty and dimmed.
I can no longer change my power scemes. Any one know how to fix this problem?




create a new account; log into it
run regedit
navigate to this key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\PowerCfg

export the key to a .reg file, save it in \shared documents
log off

log onto your account run regedit, nav to the key; see what's there;
export it if you want (as a safety backup), then delete it.

import the other one you saved.

delete the new account when all is well.

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