Power Outage Displays low resolution



Had a power outage this weekend and after everything came back up the
computer booted fine with no error messages but the display resolution
can not be changed, think it was set at 16 bit and the screen is
extremely white and very hard to read. The monitor is a flat screen
that is used as a computer monitor and a TV that is connected to
satelitte and it is working perfectly fine with DirectTV. So I know it
is not the monitor going out and my guess is since I am not getting an
error message then the video card should be fine. HELP! I just can't
figure it out.


right click the desktop and select properties.

Click on the settings tab.

Verify that the "display" is whatever your monitor is "on" and then your
video adapter.

you can click the "advanced" button and then the "adapter" tab for
details on what video adapter Windows thinks you have. I suspect it is
using a default and not the actual adapter.


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