populate text field in response to multiple list box selections



Hello - I am using Access 2003 professional. I have a table listing all of
the possible email recipients with a field for their full name and a field
for the email address. I also have a table for report names. Each recipient
in the recipients table can receive many reports from the report names table
and each report in the report names table can have many recipients from the
recipients table. What I need is to create a form with a list box displaying
all of the recipient full names and a submit command button. When clicking
on the command button the corresponding email addresses need to populate into
a bound text box on a different form with each selected value separated by a
semicolon and the full names need to populate into a bound text box on a
different form with each selected value separated by a semicolon. In
addition I need to track changes so when a new value is selected or a value
is unselected those selections need to populate into a change field in a
subform prefaced with "add" or "remove". Basically to show which reports a
recipient receives. I also need to have a query to return the full name and
email address from the recipients table and all of the report ID's from the
report names table. Likewise, I need to query the report names table to
display the distribution list associated with each report name or ID.

Do I have the correct design keeping these two tables separate? What key
should I use to create the relationship? What code can I use to populate the
distribution list text field on the report names table? What code can I use
to populate the change field when a change is made?


Thank you for the quick response. I have implemented a code similar to the
sample you provided for the actual interface with Outlook. My problem here
is I can't figure out how to populate the text box in response to the
selections in the multiple select list box. I want to update the text box
with values from the underlying table when the user either selects or
unselects a value in the list box.

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

Also on my website is a utility named EmailSenate. The utility was written
many years ago so many of the senators have changed, but the code works
nicely with SendObject. SendObject is not the method of preference, but you
can use the Outlook code instead.:


You may also want to use Outlook Redemption to rid yourself of those
annoying "security" messages.:

Arvin Meyer, MCP, MVP

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