Populate TO Field w/ Items From List Box or Check Box


Maria V

I am creating a custom Outlook email form and I keep hitting a snag with the
section that populates the “To†field. The form will be used as an
interoffice email form to update our Project Leads on project
progress/issues. The user needs to be able to select any variation of
Project Leads (approx 15 recipients) and have the names populate in the To
field as recipients.

When I use a list box to select various emails from the list (a button as an
event to populate field), it works, but I get the email addresses in the ‘To’
line as one long string with commas dividing the emails. Outlook doesn’t
automatically fix this because it sees it as one email instead of various
recipients. This method would work if I could get the “possible value†field
(in the field properties, value tab) to hold spaces or semicolons. This
would break up the email addresses and there would be no issues, but Outlook
uses the semicolons as a divider of lines for values of the list box so it
removes the spaces and semicolons. Is there any way I can force it to keep a
semi-colon or a space?

As an alternative, I have tried creating individual check boxes for each
email. However I couldn’t find an easy way to populate the “To†field if the
box was checked, so I believe this method would require me to write VB code.
I am not against writing code, but it has been so many years since I wrote
code, I am unsure where to start.

Any ideas????

FYI, I am creating the form in Outlook 2007, but had the same issue in
Outlook 2003 and all of the users are internal Exchange (2003) users.

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