Pop-up Won't stop



Whenever I open IE 6, no mater what I have selected for my
home page, an annoying pop up window keeps appearing after
20 seconds. Then it loads itself again twice after every
20 seconds. There is no top bar to tell me what website
this is, and it takes up the whole screen so I can not
close it. I can not right click on the bottom box in the
windows taskbar either. My only remedy is to ctrl+alt+del
and end task which closes IE6 completely. I can't use
keyboard shortcuts to minimize the popup, or to close it.
I went to temp internet files and found 3 URL's but adding
those to the "restricted" site list in the internet prefs
did not stop this problem either. Where do I find this
command which is automatically loading this junk, and
rendering my IE completely useless??

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