PocketPC 2003 on WinCE .net 5.0



Hi !

It's possible to run an PocketPC2003 application developped with VS.net
2003 on a WinCE. net 5.0 device ?

If not, what can I do ? Must I convert my project to VS.net 2005

Thanks for you answer!



Simon Hart [MVP]

Yes it is possible. Although from a developer story, I can't remember for
sure, but I don't *think* the Win CE 5.0 emulators work directly with VS 2003.

For your info: you can target CF 1.0 and CF 2.0 apps in VS 2005. VS 2008 you
can support CF 2.0 and CF 3.5 apps.


Hello Simon,

You are right. CF 1.0 application are running well on most CF 2.0 devices.
We had developed a special application for industrial measurements with the
CF1.0 and the OpenNETCF framework. The program controls the measurement
device via RS232 and/or Bluetooth. Many thanks to the programmers of the
OpenNETCF framework!

Our application is running without any problems on newer Windows Mobile
Systems. But in both cases the Handhelds are Pocket PCs. It is a big
difference between PocketPC and WinCE devices. Not only the position of the
main menu (top / bottom)...

But Simon, you are wrong in one issue. VS 2005 can not create CF 1.0
We have made our application with the Visual Studio 2003. And now we will
use VS2008 for our Desktop software. But for the PocketPC we still use Visual
2003 because the software must run on the old hardware with the CF 1.0 !

Kind regards,

Christof Konstantinopoulos

Paul G. Tobey [eMVP]

Sure it will. In the "Windows CE 5.0" case, it always creates a 2.0
application, but you can select Pocket PC 2003 and choose "Device
Application (1.0)", with no problems (and modify that for your Windows CE
device's layout, if you need to).

Paul T.




I'm sorry. It was my fault.
Our customers are using Pocket PC 2002 (!) handhelds. And these are not
supported by VS 2005 or VS 2008.

Kind regards,


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