"Please login with administrator privileges and try again"


Richard W. Daniels

In the GamesPC newsgroup I left the following
message: "After installing MS Flight Sim 2004 on desktop
with XP, a
private personal home computer having me as its only user
and administrator, when I attempt to start the program I
get the message, "Access denied. Login with administrator
privileges and try again." I have re-installed the
program, and created another user with administrator
privileges and re-installed the program, etc, to no
avail. Never had this happen before. Any help?"

I received the following replies

"Windows cannot open this program because it has been
prevented by a software restriction policy.
For more information, open Event Viewer or contact your
system administrator,"

go to start run type in cmd press enter.
from the dos window type gpupdate press enter.
policy should be refreshed.
close dos window
go to start run type in rsop.msc
should open the policy admin snap-in for the user
reboot your computer and log-in to admin
try your game

If that didn't help please reply

I could not even find gpupdate or rsop.msc

The second reply was even less helpful, though I must
admit it is somewhat comforting to know one is not alone,
at least then someone might take an interest. It said:
"I've had this for many weeks with Medal of Honor games
and now Star wars Jedi Academy. I can't get anyone to
solve it as they all think you haven't logged in
correctly. My next move is to uninstall/reinstall XP
home. Then upgrade to XP pro. Then buy a different
machine! If you find an answer please post it. You are
the third person I've seen with this problem.

Okay, can anyone help us?

Chris H.

Haven't seen the problem you're reporting here on my setup, Richard, but are
you running any type of anti-virus program in the background while
attempting to play? Perhaps a third-party pop-up blocker? Just curious if
that might be halting the start.


For me Comodo anit-virus stopped "Need for speed" from EA. Ofcourse stopping Comodo helped directly (new installation did not help). But the real problem was that Porsche.exe was an isolated program and not a trusted program.

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