Play a song across the slides



I show the slides automatically (2 seconds each slide). Instead of playing a
song from CD, can I add the mp3 file in the first slide and play the song
across the subsequent slides? How?

If I add a song in the first slide, it won't even transition to the next
slide until the song finishes (even though I set the timing to 2 seconds per
slide). Is that the limitation of powerpoint (2003)?






Put the song file in the same directory as the ppt file
Click on the slide you want it to start on
drag the little speaker off the slide edge so it doesn't show in the
Right click the speaker and then left click custom animation and a custom
animation window opens
In the window you will see the name of the song and a down arrow beside it
Click that arrow and then select effect options
There you will have start and stop options, timing options and volume options

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