Playing sound across only a certain number of slides




I use powerpoint 2007, and am trying to embed a song in a presentation.
I want the song to play across several slides, but then stop when I move
to the next slide rather than simply play until the song ends.

When I go to the options-tab and select 'play across slides' from the
'Play sound' drop-down menu, the song then plays until it ends, rather
than stop after 4 slides like I want it to.

Powerpoint 2003 had an option for the number of slides for which the
song would play, but I can't find this in the 2007-version.

Is there really no way to do this?

Thanks in advance,



John Wilson

2007 tries to think for you and sets the slide count to 999. You can still
alter this by going to the sound entry in the custom animation pane
(Animation Tab> Custom Animation) and double clicking it.


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