Pivot Tables show zero balance



Hi - I have a pivot table....

I want to show customers that have an outstanding balance.

when i sort by month, i see everything, totals of who paid and who ha
not. I want to sort to see only who is outstanding.

How do I do this?

Sort by page = date of invoice (by month)
Rows = client name, then the tota



Debra Dalgleish

You could add a Status column to your data source, and calculate the
account status. For example, with customer names in column C and amounts
in column H:

Copy the formula down to all rows of data.

Refresh the pivot table, and add the new Status field to the column area.
From the dropdown list in the Status field button, remove the check
mark from Paid.
Hide the row Grand Totals.


Thank you.

I must be an imbicil....

I tried the formula and it is not working.

The thinking behind the formula - so that I can understand the logic -
is please check for a client name in column C, if there is one there,
calculate what is in column H. If column H has data, return "paid".
If it is empty, return "outstanding". Do I follow this correctly.

Well, I tried that logic - adjusting the columns for my sheet - and it
returns either all Paid or all Outstanding.

Note: if a customer has not paid the cell is empty - no data.

Please help.





OK, I got it to work! I changed the formula bit...


Thanks for your help

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