Pivot Table Data Column Sort Excel 2007



I am using Excel 2007.

I have a table in one field that is the source for my Pivot Table.

First under Pivot Table Options on the Totals and Filters Tab I have
the Use Custom Lists when sorting disabled.

The Pivot table has three columns:

Customer, Customer Num, Gross Sales.

Customer and Customer Num are in the row labels portion of the pivot
field list and Gross Sales is in the Value portion.

Under the Layout & Print tab of the Field Setting for Customer and
Customer Num are set to show item labels in tabular form.

I click on PivotTable tools on the ribbon then on the Sort Icon. The
Sort By Value window shows Largest to Smallest under sort options and
Sort Customer Num by Gross Sales in descending order.

Despite all of this my pivot table will not sort by the Gross Sales in
either Largest to Smallest or Smallest to largest.

When I select a cell in the Gross Sales column and click on the sort
buttons (A -> Z and Z -> A) in the Pivot Table Tools ribbon, the
screen blinks as if the pivot table is being recalculated but the data
is not sorted. As a result I am having to copy the pivot table data
and paste elsewhere to sort it.. what a pain!!




Ok, I found that if I removed the Customer Num column everything
works. Why is this? Why can't i have multiple row label data and
sort by the Gross Sales Data?

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