Pivot table sort



I am new to pivot tables so please bear with me...
The data in the pivot table is being used in a macro and must be in the
order of largest to smallest. The pivot table is taken form only two columns
headed "Length" and "Quantity". There may be from one to twenty entries in
each column. Eg.

Length Quantity
1840 8
1740 6
1640 6
1540 6

It is not possible to sort the data at this point.
The pivot table always sorts the data from smallest at the left hand side
but I need it to be the largest at the LHS.

Pivot table result -

Sum of Qty35 Lth35
1540 1640 1740 1840
Total 6 6 6 8

should be -

Sum of Qty35 Lth35
1840 1740 1640 1540
Total 8 6 6 6

How do I ensure that the correct sort occurs every time? I do not want to
do any manual adjustments as it is controlled by the macro.

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