Pivot Table Sort Order




I am using Excel 2003 and have three types of Work in my Pivot Table:


This work type is my outer row in my pivot table but it is sorted in
alphabetical order. I would like my data to be sorted as above. I know that
I can drag them around but I have a macro that updates the Pivot Table based
on an Advanced Filter. Is there anyway I can fix in place the non
alphabetical sort order?

Thank you

Martin Fishlock


Apart from the manual drag and drop there is no automatic method that I know

There are a couple of quick fixes.

1. Add another column with 1,2,3 with a vlookup to get the order and include
that in the table.

2. Modify the words to

1. Erect
2. Alter
3. Dismantle

And then this will sort.

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