Pivot Tables in Excel 2007 vs 2003


Dave K

I have just begun using Excel 2007 --- Am wondering how to do the
following things (that i used to be able to do in Excel 2003), in case
anyone has some guidance.

1. Where can i see (and make changes to) the source of the pivot table
(i.e., where can i view the range that the pivot table is based on)
2. How do I refresh the pivot table (In 2003, I would just hit the
exclamation mark)
3. How can I sort the row headers, based on the values. (in 2003, i
was able to simply double click the row header, then choose advanced,
then choose the values i wanted to sort by; however, NOW in 2007, when
i click on the row header and choose Sort Options>More Sort Options,
the option to choose to sort based on the values of "Values column" is
grayed out. Is there another method i should use to sort the row,
based on the values.

For example, (to elaborate on question 3), in the pivot table results
below, I am trying to sort the names in descending order, based on the
values in the "Amount" column. Thanks for any suggestions!

Name Amount
Jeff 100
Tim 700
Mike 75

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