pivot table - shows zero when should not be



Hi - I have a pivot table that is looking at a list in excel. It is basically
a summary of customer sales by product type. There are 26 customers and each
customer has 26 product groups. I have the date at the top - month and year.
Then I have the sale value in £ (as sum of). The first 5 customers are fine
and return all data correct (so that is to row 130) after that, months that
have any data show a zero BUT if you double click on cell it opens to show
the lines and they are not zero but contain sales £ greater than 1.
Is this due to too many lines in pivot? How can I correct this?



Jim Thomlinson

Pivot tables can easily aggregate up to a million records so it is not likely
an issue of too many lines. The only limitation is that any one dimension can
not contain more than 8,000 unique entries.

My best guess would be that you have a source data issue. Either the sum of
the values is 0 (assume you have positive and negative) or your source data
contains text and not numbers (probabyy not the case if you are getting
numbers showing up at lower levels). The only other thing I can think of is
if you have your error value set to 0 and your data is somehow returning an

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