Display No Data in Pivot


Warm FL

I am using Excell 2007, and I have create a pivot table, and I have a number
of reps that I want to display in my pivot and their sales amounts. In my
data table, I have created "dummy" rows with the reps names, but sales $ are
blank because they haven't sold anything. I want their name to show up in my
pivot table as blanks. Right now only names with sales show up.

I see under PivtoTable Options, under the Display tab ther is a box to click
to "Show Itmes with no Data on Rows", but it is greyed out.

Any idea how to un-grey out this option?



Debra Dalgleish

Those settings are for OLAP based pivot tables only.
If your pivot table is based on Excel data, right-click on a name in the
Sales Rep field
Click Field Settings

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