pivot table getting empty set of data from Access



I frequently create pivot tables that pull their data from Access databases.
Lately I have been finding that more and more the new pivot table I create
gather empty sets of data even though the Access queries they draw on display
lots of data. I can get around this by pasing the data on to another sheet in
the excel work book but this is more tedious to refresh and will not work
with very large sets of data. Can anyone here help me with this. I am using
Office 2007.



When this happens, why don't you reenter the Wizard and view the MS Query
SQL statement and note if the correct data is reaching the query grid? See
if everything looks ok there. Also you can reenter the wizard and go to the
first step inwhich you added the fields and preview the results before you
move on. Finally, you might exit MS Query here and use the Data, Import
external data, Create new database query and proceed through all the steps
and see what data is returned to Excel. By doing this things you may be able
to isolate the problem - is it in Access? between Access and MS Query, in MS
Query, between Query and Excel. In the pivot table wizard or the pivot table

Post back your discoveries, they may help us solve your problem.


Wizard,? I am not sure what you are referring to as the wizard. I just create
a data connection by browsing to to the query in the relevant database from
Data-Connections. I do occasionally edit the connection from
Data-Properties-Definition. From there I sometimes change the "command
string" to reference a different table or query.
The data always appears if I reference a table. I think it only comes up
empty when I reference a query that is a union query or has a union query
somewhere up stream. Even when there is a union query involved it doesn't
alway fail, only sometimes.

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