Pivot Table and adding a % column, that is not in original data



Hi, Is it possible to add a column for % calculations when the % column is
not in original data? To clarify, my original data is as follows:

Produt Sales Returns Date
A 5 June
B 6 June
A 1 July
A 1 September
B 1 November

When I run the pivot table, one of the columns I'm then looking to get is a
total % of returns over sales , but I cant see how to include in a Pivot
table. I can add it outside of the table, but that has problems when the
table is refreshed etc, as it frequently needs to be.

Thanks for any help

Luke M

From the PivotTable toolbar, click the PivotTable button, formulas,
calculated field. Then setup the formula to be:


Mark, please refer to:-


Items 70 and 71 towards the top of my home page.

The EXCEL 2007 file is the final version of what I have done (I think that
it gives you what you want).

The WORD 2007 file shows you how I got there.

Please hit Yes if my comments have helped.


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